Software Projects

The following software projects for mobile, desktop and browsers illustrate my ability to carry out all stages of software development, from conceptual design to implementation. The projects also illustrate my ability to code in several languages and to design and implement effective graphical user interfaces.

Junior Cricket Scorer

I have completed design, development, and sale of a mobile iOS sports scoring app for Apple devices. The app is designed for U11 and U13 grade matches, where there are limits on the number of balls per over, but it can be used for other limited overs formats up to 50 over matches.

Ref: Cricket Scorer

A mobile app for junior cricket scoring showing the main score entry screen.

Data Extraction Tool for Word Documents.

I have created a reasonably mature Java-based application that can extract information from Word and markdown as plain-text structured data, with minimal user specification. The software incorporates a visual interface that allows the data to be viewed at a high level and manipulated for presentation. Ref: Data Extraction and Visualisation Tool

Some of the software features include the ability to modify how imported data is structured, using the user interface as feedback for the usefulness of the partitioning of the daa. Users can save the visual layout for future use, as well as inspect and edit the detail of the created text boxes.

A visual text editor showing editing window.

Cricket match animator

This is a fun, browser-based app that uses the cricket reports produced by the app to recreate the match as a cartoon. I wrote the app in javascript and created the pictures for the animation.

Animation app

Press Demo on web page to see a demonstration.

A cricket animation for viewing in a browser, that uses cricket data from the mobile cricket scoring app.


My programming experience includes Java, C, Objective C, python, R, Ruby, Javascript, PHP, HTML.
Other past projects include a web-based text assembler using PHP and access with MySQL database.

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