An offline junior cricket scorer, designed for limited over formats from U10 to U13.

Helps keep score for junior games U10 to U13, while the app does all the calculations for you.

Keep the teams, players and games on your device, as well as email results.

Calculator-style ball-by-ball score entry.

Search for “Junior Cricket Scorer” on the ‘Apps’ page for Apple iPhone and iPad devices.

Version 3.9 has recently been released.

I’ve made a few short YouTube videos to show how to use the Junior Cricket Scorer, by following these steps:

  1. Enter Teams and Players
  2. Edit Fixtures and select teams for game
  3. Start Scoring by Setting Teams
  4. Start Scoring the Game
  5. Check Scorecard
  6. Check Overs and Balls Faced by Batters.
  7. Clearing an Entry
  8. Run out (non-striker)
  9. Out (caught)
  10. Sundries Scoring (read the Sundries scoring tips)

    All of the above is in a Playlist

For discussion about using post-game app data see this link.

Once you have game data, you can email the match results to your computer. Then you can use my animation program in your browser to animate each innings:

A junior cricket game animation, scored using Junior Cricket Scorer.


My apps do not collect or transmit any of your personal information to me or third parties for any reason. The information you enter to use the application is stored on your local device only, to enable the app to work, and so you can keep it for later use.

If my app has a function enabling you to email some or all of the app information stored on your local device, it will use your device’s mail application, but it will not separately record or transmit the mail information, including recipient addresses, that you use in that process.

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This page last updated 2 February 2021