Text interpretation tools


Software to merge data into text files using R scripts and knitr. There is an example in my datamerger GitHub repo.

I find this a useful way to create the text input for my autostyler script.


A simple python script to generate Word documents from text by specifying context, without the need for markup.

For example, it will turn this:

Into this:

The github repo and readme is found here.

Text Studio

I am developing (and coding) a GUI text interpreter that offers useful functions for importing data from docx and markdown documents, as well as allowing users to manipulate the encapsulated import data, and then re-saving or exploring.

The goal of this software is to allow users to work at an abstract level with user data and to enable editing and export into different formats. The software allows presentation elements to be created, moved, edited, and saved.

One of the useful input/output workflows is to import a docx document, and allow users options about how to partition and interpret the document.

An example of the user interface:

Documents that have been imported can be saved in a markdown format, or exported to docx or HTML format.