C64mini joysticks

The C64mini comes with a joystick, but what if you want a second one?  Where do you source them from? Apparently, SNES style joysticks (the one from INNEXT for example) may do the job.   Retro pie compatible joysticks are worth checking out too: see raspberry pi,  8bitdo and core electronics.  The PS4 dualshock may work,… Continue reading C64mini joysticks

Typing in C64 programs

If you are typing in old C64 programs (including your own) and need to remember the old cursor colour equivalents, there is a useful listing in Appendix B at this site.   The page explains how to go into quote mode to type in cursor movement instructions that can be used when the BASIC program runs.… Continue reading Typing in C64 programs

C64mini tips

Here a few commands which will help you get the most out of your USB drive for programming on the C64mini. (You may not yet have THEC64). USB access (firmware as at April 2018). The USB must be in FAT32 format. The .d64 image on the USB needs the name: THEC64-drive8.d64 If you have an… Continue reading C64mini tips