Cartoon Cricket !

Load a .csv data file from your PC: or

Animation control

Left/right arrow: back/fwd 1 ball | Up/down arrows: back/fwd 6 balls | d = 'duck' | . = 'bat up' | , = 'high bat'

Where can you find CSV data files to load here?

Score your own cricket matches using Junior Cricket Scorer for iPhone or iPad

Then email the results to yourself, and save the CSV files to your PC.

Please support the development of this cricket match animator by purchasing a copy of my Junior Cricket Scorer for iOS from the App Store.

Other CSV match formats

Alternatively, use 'CricSheet' data produced by Stephen Rushe(*) for several cricket match formats, including BBL and Test matches.

Instructions for using CricSheet data:

1. Go to and download one of the 'new' CSV format zip files (e.g. BBL male data).

2. Extract the zip files to your computer so there are folders with CSV files in them.

3. Load up an individual CSV file from your PC into this page.

(*) See Twitter @srushe and @cricsheet