I am an independent developer and researcher.

I hold Bachelor degrees in Law and Science (computer science) from the University of Western Australia. I do most of my coding in Java (with JavaFX), Objective-C (for iOS mobile apps), python and javascript, but have also written code or scripts in R, Ruby, C and PHP, and SQL.

My development and research interests are multi-disciplinary, including:

  1. Text editing and conversion: scripts and software for extracting data from literature, legal texts and word-processing formats, and graphical tools for novel ways of interacting with texts.
  2. Sport software development: Creating software tools for sport match scoring and animation.
  3. Law and Literature: Teaching and practice. I have twenty years experience as a legal practitioner, working in several different roles including barrister, solicitor, in-house lawyer and principal of my own legal practice. I have represented clients in matters from Magistrates Court to High Court. I have also taught law to undergraduate and graduate students at local universities. My research interests include primers on the nature of law, legal texts as literature, and legal reasoning.
  4. Scientific computing: I like to work with data structures, ontologies and scientific computing workflows. I have worked as a bioinformatics Research Assistant at the University of Western Australia, helping to prepare and implement workflows for genomic analysis of next-generation sequencing data, using R, bash, SLURM.

Links to specific work are found in the Research menu.