I am a data analyst and software developer with an interest in scientific investigation. I enjoy working with data, clarifying factual issues and improving the way people work with software and the data lifecycle.

My software projects include a mobile sport scoring app, and an application to perform automatic data mining and data cleaning on some common text data formats.

I have experience working with data extraction and data mining in corporate and university computing environments, including those using linux and cloud systems. The data mining pipelines I have worked on include bioinformatics workflows. As part of this, I’ve helped by installing and running data analysis software on Pawsey’s HPC systems.

I have written my applications in PHP, Objective C and Java. My data science skills include scripting in linux shell, R and python, implementing HPC jobs and workflows with SLURM, and preparing software tutorials. I have attended AMSI Bioinformatics conferences and workshops at Pawsey to further my skills and knowledge of HPC and bioinformatics.

I have been admitted to Bachelor of Science at the University of Western Australia, with a major in computer science.