I am a curious, logical and creative person who has had a few roles in my career, including as a solicitor, barrister, sports administrator and software developer.

I loved drawing and science at school, but initially trained as a lawyer, where I was most interested in forensic roles. With a love for investigation, I was very suited to technical litigation or dispute resolution that gave rise to scientific, accounting or engineering issues. I pursued these interests in both in-house corporate legal roles and in commercial litigation.

After exploring some science and engineering topics as a mature-age student, I subsequently gained a Bachelor of Science majoring in computer science and have been working as a data analyst, workshop presenter and software developer. My software projects include mobile applications and desktop applications, where I can explore document formats, data analysis and graphic representations, including animations.

I am a keen learner and have been introduced to the world of bioinformatics through assisting university students with data analysis and software issues that include working with high performance computers, R and python programming. It has been an interesting journey discovering the latest developments in genetic sequencing and in the applications of statistical analysis (clustering, other machine learning techniques) to working out what genes exist in the family of life and what they do. I have been able to explore this further by working as a Research Associate (data analyst) in bioinformatics, where I have assisted in creating software workflows to analyse data, with some parts requiring use of the HPC computers at the Pawsey Centre.