I am a software developer and data analyst who creates data related applications and provides software support for scientific research.

My software includes a sport scoring app, and a structured text visualisation tool for researchers and authors.

I have written applications in PHP, Objective C and Java. My data science skills include scripting in linux shell, R and python, implementing HPC jobs and workflows with SLURM, and preparing software tutorials. I have attended AMSI Bioinformatics conferences and workshops at Pawsey to further my skills and knowledge of HPC and bioinformatics.

I have experience working with data in corporate and university computing environments, including those using linux and cloud systems. I’ve completed scripting work for document management systems, and planned and implemented bioinformatics workflows including installing and running data analysis software for data on Pawsey’s HPC systems.

I enjoy teaching and solving computing problems at workshops, including Hacky Hours.

I have been admitted to Bachelor of Science at the University of Western Australia, with a major in computer science.